Meet SPA LUX Massage Therapist & Aesthetician Sussie Araya

Sussie uses her many talents and training to focus on massage therapy and aesthetics here at SPA LUX.  Surrounded by most of her family, Sussie grew up in Costa Rica, where she traveled to the beach and learned Spanish as a native language.

With a professional background of a Physical Therapist, Sussie specializes in aesthetics and medical massage. She uses a variety of therapies to help people with their health and especially their aging concerns. Her favorite service at SPA LUX is facials, giving individuals the opportunity to relax while improving the health and appearance of the skin. 

The service Sussie like to recommend to clients is the SPA LUX Signature Facial. This specialized service uses steam and Sundari skin care products, soothing the skin and giving it a natural glow. She advises new clients to ask as many questions as you like, be open to your concerns and communicate with every person you encounter – including the front desk. Don’t forget to arrive early for your appointment so you can take advantage of SPA LUX’s facility. 

Her hobbies include catching free concerts around the Tulsa area, enjoying the outdoors at Guthrie Green, running and water sports and activities. In particular, her new favorite hobby includes sailing on the open waters.

Sussie has traveled the world, learning about new cultures and having the chance to site see some of the prettiest towns in Italy. In Northern Italy, she visited Florence, a town so picturesque it reminded her of a fairytale.