Meet SPA LUX Massage Therapist JJ Martin

SPA LUX massage specialist JJ Martin is originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but spent a large part of her childhood growing up in Florida. She moved to Oklahoma 13 years ago, and although she misses the ocean, she has found much to love in the community of Tulsa. She loves Tulsa’s burgeoning downtown and growing restaurant scene. She says, “I am always surprised when I go out, there is always something new to do in Tulsa.” 

One of JJ’s favorite hobbies is roller skating, and she enjoys using her roller skates to explore her favorite places in Tulsa, like Riverside and the Gathering Place. She is even a member of a local roller derby league. She also enjoys doing yoga to relax. 

Martin studied at Heritage College in Oklahoma City and has been a licensed massage therapist for three years. She specializes in deep tissue and sports massage. She loves both of these techniques because they help clients feel better and they make a big impact on their daily lives. Deep tissue massage is a very focused, intense form of massage that targets places of chronic tension and other problems. It is great for clients who experience chronic pain. Sports massage is designed specifically for athletes and can help get you ready for a big event or help you release soreness and tension after one is over.

She also enjoys the relaxing atmosphere and techniques of prenatal massage. Her prenatal massage technique is very rhythmic and relaxing. She also enjoys the soothing setting of prenatal massage. This modality targets many of the uncomfortable physical changes that occur during pregnancy and helps pregnant women to feel much better.

JJ also recommends that clients take advantage of the wide variety of other spa services that SPA LUX offers, such as skincare treatments, eyebrow waxing and tinting, and dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a new facial exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin cells as well as peach fuzz much more effectively. Tinting is another unique service that helps clients get the eyebrow color they want. These services can always be added during a massage visit at SPA LUX. It saves time and helps taking care of all client needs.

SPA LUX provides a complete, full body pampering experience, and we offer packages where clients can experience many of our most popular services in one session. JJ suggests that her clients come at least 30 minutes early to their session to have a cup of tea and get into a relaxed mood. She also recommends clients take advantage of our white marble steam rooms and Cedar saunas to really make their massage a satisfying experience.  

Meet SPA LUX Massage Therapist Haley Storey

Originally from Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Haley Storey studied massage at the Central State Massage Academy in Oklahoma City. When she was growing up in Broken Bow, she loved hiking and going crystal hunting, and both of these activities have remained some of Haley’s favorite hobbies. She enjoys hiking with her family at the Red Bud Valley Nature Preserve. In the future, Haley wants to visit Indonesia to explore its natural beauty.


As a licensed massage therapist, Haley is dedicated to learning about each of her client’s unique needs so she can address them through treatment. She’s trained in a wide variety of massage techniques and encourages her clients to use the many amenities that SPA LUX has to offer, such as the steam room and dry sauna before each massage. In addition to massages, SPA LUX also offers waxing, facials, and more for a full body experience. Haley loves encouraging her clients to take advantage of the full body packages, where you can get a facial, body scrub, and massage all in one session. This experience is an amazing way to reduce stress and while getting numerous body benefits.  

Her favorite treatment to offer clients is the Muscle Meltdown massage. Haley cites this treatment as one of the most underrated at the spa and loves educating her clients on the benefits of heat for the muscles. Haley has gained many dedicated clients who understand the health benefits of regular treatment schedule. The Muscle Meltdown massage is a very deep Swedish massage that uses heat to relax the muscles and reduce tension. It can be experienced as a part of the Lavish Getaway Package, which also features a body mask and signature facial. 

Haley Storey​​​​​​​ loves being part of the SPA LUX team that strives to provide the best day spa experience in Tulsa, and we’re so thrilled to have her on board. The care and attention to detail she puts into her massages makes for a truly profound experience that can make a huge difference in reducing muscle tension and chronic pain. Book your spa package with Haley today and enjoy 

Meet SPA LUX Massage Therapist Nicole Kuhn

Nicole is a South Africa native now calling Tulsa her new home. The culture, traditions, and people of South Africa are some of the many things Nicole loves about the country. She reminisces often on the food, spending time with friends and getting to visit family. 

Nicole uses her techniques and training and focuses on facials, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. She uses the tranquil atmosphere to leave your body feeling refreshed and relaxed. Nicole advises her clients to get to the facility early, to enjoy what all SPA LUX offers – especially the sauna.  Guests can enjoy complimentary use of the lavish Turkey steam room and cedar Sauna before or after your appointment. One service she recommends to clients is the SPA LUX Signature Facial. Facials at SPA LUX are customized, meeting your every skin care need.

Aside from work, Nicole enjoys traveling, relishing new cultures, trying the local cuisine and meeting new people. One of Nicole’s favorite places she has traveled to is Florence, Italy. She has an adoration of coffee, making it essential to visit coffee shops at every new place she travels to. 

Meet SPA LUX Massage Therapist & Aesthetician Sussie Araya

Sussie uses her many talents and training to focus on massage therapy and aesthetics here at SPA LUX.  Surrounded by most of her family, Sussie grew up in Costa Rica, where she traveled to the beach and learned Spanish as a native language.

With a professional background of a Physical Therapist, Sussie specializes in aesthetics and medical massage. She uses a variety of therapies to help people with their health and especially their aging concerns. Her favorite service at SPA LUX is facials, giving individuals the opportunity to relax while improving the health and appearance of the skin. 

The service Sussie like to recommend to clients is the SPA LUX Signature Facial. This specialized service uses steam and Sundari skin care products, soothing the skin and giving it a natural glow. She advises new clients to ask as many questions as you like, be open to your concerns and communicate with every person you encounter – including the front desk. Don’t forget to arrive early for your appointment so you can take advantage of SPA LUX’s facility. 

Her hobbies include catching free concerts around the Tulsa area, enjoying the outdoors at Guthrie Green, running and water sports and activities. In particular, her new favorite hobby includes sailing on the open waters.

Sussie has traveled the world, learning about new cultures and having the chance to site see some of the prettiest towns in Italy. In Northern Italy, she visited Florence, a town so picturesque it reminded her of a fairytale. 

Meet SPA LUX Massage Therapist Summer Hanks

Summer is a Tulsa native with over twenty years experience in massage therapy. Summer uses her skills to focus on targeted Deep Tissue Massages - she believes the type of treatment is very therapeutic and can be used to alleviate medical issues. 

Setting work aside, Summer loves spending time with her children. You can find Summer and her kids enjoying Oklahoma’s beautiful outdoors playing in the park or using their adventurous side to ride go-carts at Incredible Pizza. 

One piece of advice Summer would like to pass on is for first-time guests to mute the outside of the world by turning your phone off, unwind and let SPA LUX take care of you. With a wide range of services, you’ll leave the spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Summer states SPA LUX’s atmosphere is different from your typical spa; she believes SPA LUX encompasses a day spa atmosphere, being one of the only types of spas with its luxurious amenities

Summer’s favorite type of treatment at SPA LUX is the new Dermaplaning service. This service can be scheduled several times throughout the year, focusing on making the skin healthier and brighter.

One day she would like to travel to Italy where she can experience a new culture, try new food and create new memories.