We invite you to select a Spa Package of your choice. By selecting one of the following packages, you can experience our services at a discounted rate. Each package is designed to flow seamlessly providing the best experience at the spa. As a rule, each package appointment begins with a complimentary foot bath. Each client will enjoy a few minutes of calm relaxation in our relaxation lounge between the services. We recommend the use of steam rooms and saunas either before your appointment or after all your services are completed. However, if an individual scheduling permits we welcome the usage of steam rooms and saunas between the services. Longer packages include lunch or a light snack. Lunch will consist of a Turkey breast sandwich dressed. Please inform us if you have any food allergies or need vegetarian selection during the check-in process.

Please note that all services within a Spa Package are usable at one time. That’s what the “package” means. Unfortunately, we will not be able to “break-up” packages into separate services and provide them on different days. If you have a gift certificate and don’t want to use it as a specific package in one visit you will be able to redeem any unused services only as a dollar value.

Please click on individual packages to see what they include: