2015 Trendiest Spa Services


The Holiday season is over and many of us need a trip to the spa. There is no better place to relax and relieve the remnants of the Holiday stress. In order to help you decide what to do when you call to request your appointment we provide a summary of the Spafinder Wellness 365 article that outlines the trendiest treatments for 2015.

1. Seasonally inspired

If you want the warm smells of the holidays during your treatment, then Seasonally Inspired is for you. What’s more, it brings a new twist to the term “locally grown.”

SPA LUX offers some luscious all-natural Cranberry treatments for your skin. Whether it is a facial or a body scrub, you can request these specials at SPA LUX for a special price.

2. Instant “Face Lift”                  

If you can’t spend the day and are looking for instant results, a 30-minute Mini-facial at SPA LUX is what you need.

This wonderful 30-minute facial doubles as both a relaxing treatment and a “face lift.” The spa’s serums and technology stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, leaving you with a healthier, glowing face. The treatment costs only $50 and is said to last for more than a week. This isn’t for the long haul, but it’s a great option for a party or outing.

3. Hot treatments for the cold days

If you are sick of the cold passing through your bones this winter, hot treatments — from hot Turkish highly intense steam rooms to hot and dry saunas and muscle-melting full body hydrotherapy — are the way to go.

Uniquely for Tulsa, SPA LUX takes pride in the concept of “destination spa.” It has Swedish dry saunas and Turkish steam rooms for those who are craving intense heat. There is no better way to escape the cold weather and even clear your sinuses. You can enjoy an entire day at the spa for $60 or just one hour for $30.

4. Sea Salt therapy treatments

If the change in weather gives you a cold, sea salt therapy treatments at SPA LUX are a great option. They boost your immune system, reduce your chances of getting sick and are a great way to detox. According to the Salt Therapy Association, sea salt is a natural detox for your skin.

In accordance with the article, salt treatments are gaining popularity throughout the world as “halotherapy.” The benefits include encouraging clear skin, enhanced breathing, superior endurance, deeper sleep and overall wellness.