Ring in the New Year with Relaxation

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Ring in the New Year by restructuring your daily routines to make sure you remain healthy and energetic. If you work hard and get stressed, it is essential to relax and rebalance yourself. There are different practices of relaxation, many of which can ultimately boost your health and bring positivity into your life. Various studies on life expectancy have shown people live longer when they are able to alleviate excessive stress by introducing so-needed relaxation into their everyday lives. Our staff at SPA LUX has created a simple list on proven ways to de-stress and unwind.

Be In the Moment

So often, we get caught up in trying to do too much. We take everything that is going on around us – our jobs, and daily chores: what we need to do later through the week, what we need to do after work, and so forth. It doesn’t take long to take a few deep breaths throughout the day and enjoy the moment you are in. Slow down, and enjoy it. Learn to appreciate the silence, the peace, and the calmness. At least, for a few moments.

Take a day off, and book a day at the spa. Here, you can take the time to meditate and melt the stress away. The Escape Package provides a tranquil oasis, making you look and feel renewed. Indulge in a 55-minute Hot Stone Massage, a 55-minute Purifying Clay Body Mask, and a 30-minute Customized Mini Facial. Book your appointment here.

Schedule Monthly Services

Consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle. SPA LUX offers a variety of services that will improve your mental state and your body if done on a regular basis. Don’t fall into a fallacy of thinking that facial treatments and massage therapy should be done “once a year”. If you want to feel better all the time, schedule at least one service every month. You will see the results. For frequent visitors we created a “6-Pack” deal. You can buy 6 services at once and get a 15% discount.

Try our most popular facial treatment, the SPA LUX Signature Facial. If it is your first one, it will begin with a personal consultation and thorough skin analysis. While talking to your therapist you should create a skin care regimen that achieves maximum results for you. Our certified professional team of estheticians have years of experience in skincare, and they will provide valuable advice to you individually, instead of just selling you products you may not need.

When we are thinking about skin care, we think about your whole body. From back facials, to body scrubs and masks, we provide full body treatments that will improve your skin all over. Such treatment not only make you feel so much better, they make your skin feel and look younger. If you don’t have much time, you can try the LED Hydro-Therapy Massage Treatment, which is a calming, relaxing, and healing treatment. Light therapy has shown to help smooth skin texture, improve skin firmness, and resilience. This particular treatment also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and superficial hyperpigmentation.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important forms of relaxation, allowing your body and mind to fully rest. As human beings we need around eight hours of sleep every day. If your schedule changes frequently, it is essential to allow yourself enough time in the night to get the proper amount of sleep your body needs. Spa treatments generally allow you to sleep better by relieving stress and making you relaxed for a good night sleep.

Rebalance your body with our Hot Stone Massage. Hot stones are placed on specific energy points on the body to help relax and dissolve stress, drawing excess hyper-energy away from over stimulated areas. Same stones are also skillfully used by our professional massage therapists to massage and get rid of those unwanted knots and bands that cause discomfort and pain in your body. They say that the Hot Stone massage also rebalances your body energies putting them in a correct equilibrium. Why not try to see what it means for yourself?

Start the New Year off right, take a few deep breaths, and begin instilling relaxation into your daily routine. It is definitely a good recipe for a healthier and happier you.

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