MEET SPA LUX Front Desk Manager Kimberly Shaver

Kimberly Shaver was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. In addition to speaking English and some Spanish, she comprehends Latin and German, which helps her converse with a wide array of local and visiting clients. 

Kimberly attended Clary Sage College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she learned advanced esthetics techniques as well as the anatomy, physiology, and chemistry behind the modalities she now practices with such skill.

At SPA LUX, Kimberly takes a combined therapeutic and education approach to her sessions, providing her clients with nourishing, rejuvenating treatments while also providing the information they need to maintain the results at home. She specializes in waxing, facials, body treatments, and other skin care services, addressing each client’s specific concerns and crafting the perfect approach for their skin’s individual needs. 

As part of the SPA LUX team, Kimberly is proud to work alongside Tulsa’s best massage therapists in a beautiful, stylish facility that helps clients feel pampered and appreciated the moment they walk through the door. She and her coworkers make great efforts to stay current on the most up-to-date and professional treatments available, all while maintaining a sense of family and unity – two things that have helped catapult SPA LUX to the top of the industry.

Kimberly enjoys a diverse array of hobbies, including amateur photography, music (she sings and plays the piano, guitar, drums, and flute), acting, modeling, yoga, running, and swimming. She’s also a dedicated animal activist.