Wine, Spa and Your Health

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Wine is Good for Your Skin?

Marina Peredo, MD, a leading New York dermatologist, says that wine will detoxify your skin with antioxidants and the tartaric acid found in wine can help to improve your skin tone.

Wine is Not Bad if You’re Trying to Lose Weight?

Joy Bauer, RDN, health and nutrition expert for NBC’s Today Show, has claimed that a five-ounce glass of wine or champagne had only about 120 calories and relatively low sugar content. As wine is not normally consumed in large amounts like some other beverages, it makes ita great drink for those who are weight-conscious.

Wine is a Preventative Drug?

The Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a profound research studying middle-age women who consumed five to 15-grams of alcohol a day. The research showed that they aged with lesser chances of cancer or heart disease than women who did not drink at all.

Wine Can Be Used as an Exfoliator?

It is hardly disputed that wines have excellent antioxidant qualities and can help with better aging when consumed internally. Nevertheless, wines also contain the grapeseed extract, which in essence is one of the best natural exfoliators. It can easily polish away dead skin cells and prevent free-radical damage for a smoother complexion.