Best of the Best Day Spa in Tulsa… We are Honored!

Hey Tulsa, just got word we’ve won Best Spa Award from OK Mag’s Best of the Best 2015 July Issue! Can you believe it?

Thousands of votes cast online over a three-month period were tabulated, and we were at the top of the heap. We appreciate all who voted and we suspect, it might have had something to do with the fact we’re the largest and best urban day spa in Tulsa— offering the best massages in Tulsa, facials, skin treatments and sauna, while providing a totally peaceful environment to relax in. Just a guess.

In any case, I think we’re on a winning streak: Spa Lux was also rated as one of the top 25 American Hot Spots by Travel and Leisure magazine. Which means, not only are we known locally for our fabulous treatments but also worldwide for our flair for providing guests total serene enjoyment. Just in the past two years we received similar awards from Urban Tulsa Weekly, Tulsa People Magazine and TripAdvisor.

And, today we would like to thank the readers of Oklahoma Magazine! It’s official—we are the best of the best in Tulsa—and we’re totally and completely thrilled about this award.

BTW–If you haven’t made a visit to see us…you need to make an appointment today. Expect the luxury of traditional European spas, combined with exotic Asian decor, skin-tingling treatments and cleansing aromatherapy. It’s enough to make you go limp just thinking about it.


Bes Tulsa Day Spa