Are you afflicted with the fear of relaxation?

For many, the term ‘fear of relaxation’ sounds unbelievable; surely relaxation is supposed to make you feel good, not fearful? Believe it or not, fear of relaxation is a common affliction and the topic is of great interest to psychologists.

One such psychologist, Christina Luberto, has created a method for identifying fear of relaxation called the Relaxation Sensitivity Index (RSI). Patients take a questionnaire to answer questions on their feelings about relaxation in order to give an indication of the level of their fear when relaxing is on the cards. It’s not yet fully understood why some people fear relaxation, but it is thought that the disruption that relaxation causes to can create more stress than is relieved.

The stressful side of relaxation

In order to take time out to relax, we have to forgo other activities that we may believe to be more important; things such as household chores, work and family commitments often have to come first. An hour spent reading a book could be used to clean the house. Lounging in the garden on a sunny day is time wasted when the day should be used to mow the lawn and plant some seeds. A relaxing day a the spa getting a couples massage can’t be fully enjoyed due to the thought of work piling up back at the office. For many people, the thought of putting off crucial activities in favor of relaxing is simply too stressful to consider.

These daily chores that we keep ourselves busy with are like short-term accomplishments and can help us to feel focused and in control of our time. Taking relaxation time and failing to complete these small goals can therefore make us feel out of control, and it is this that can cause the fear of relaxation. However, making time to relax is just as important to our wellbeing and shouldn’t be ignored.

By making yourself relax, you can help your body and mind to unwind and maintain a positive, focused outlook on life. Stress can have a major impact on our physical and mental health, so relaxing shouldn’t be seen as time wasted; it’s essential to good health. Create relaxation goals and stick to them in order that it becomes a part of your routine without any guilt about taking time off.

Do you have a fear of relaxation

Are you prepared to relax at any moment, or does the thought of some time to yourself make your palms sweat? We’ve created a unique Fear of Relaxation quiz to help you understand whether you’re an expert in relaxation or a complete and utter relax-a-phobe. No matter which category you fall into you’ll want to be planning you’re next chill-out session, so why not take a look at our treatments and book in; a day spa is the perfect way to relax in luxury.

Are you afflicted with the fear of relaxation?