The Best Tulsa Spa Reviews

We are greatful! Here are some of the best tulsa day spa  reviews featuring Spa Lux. We hope you will join us soon to experience the luxuries of a true day spa yourself. 

When I see a spa advertising as a day spa, my expectations immediately go up. This is not going to be a massage in some back room of a hair/nail salon or chiropractors office. I was happy to find that Spa Lux Tulsa day spa is a true day spa. Every element of my experience was relaxing from the lighting and ambiance to the sounds and aromatic scents. I literally felt my stress melting away before I had even gotten my massage! I arrived early, and sipped on some delicious peach hot tea and did some deep breathing before it was time for my massage. I was then introduced to my masseuse who washed my feet beforehand-talk about being pampered! My hot stone massage was so fabulous, I felt like I must have been somewhere else entirely like an island resort or Las Vegas spa. After my massage I took advantage of the sauna and steam room. Tulsa is lucky to have such an amazing, luxurious day spa.

Brian M. – Tulsa, Oklahoma (Yelp Reviewer – 5 check-ins)

Beautiful spa. Relaxing. Tranquil. Steam rooms and sauna available. Great Massage Therapists.

Tad A. – Tulsa, Oklahoma (Yelp Reviewer 19 Check-ins)

I really enjoyed my experience – 5 of 5 stars Visiting Tulsa on business was much more enjoyable this time thanks to all the staff at Spa Lux! The facility was very calm and relaxing. I needed a massage. But, they had some packages that were very attractive also. I opted for a their signature package. Absolutely no regrets! Very nice facial, great body scrub! And, of course, I wished my massage would last much longer. I didn’t have time to get into the steam room. And, it was closed after my package was over. But, on my next trip, I will definitely give it a try.

Amanda W Dallas, Texas (TripAdvisor)