Visit The Spa Before School Begins


Is it wise to think about a spa day before school? We sure do think so. Please consider the benefits:  

1)You will start a new school year completely refreshed and re-energized. 2) You will look your best whether you are a student or need to be at the front of your students.  3) You will be more focused, alert and enduring, whatever task you have to take.

While we believe that all preparation should be done by a professional team at a real spa, we also recommend doing a few things on your own at home. This is just to save you money, or something like that…

First of all, everybody needs a massage. And, no, you can’t do it at home alone! You will need a professional massage therapist to provide a full body massage. A therapist can easily identify all of the problem areas around your body and take care of any problem that may exist. A therapist also will make sure you completely relax and de-stressed.

Second, we recommend taking care of your hands and feet. While a good spa pedicure/manicure package would definitely be the best.  You can definitely just  wash your hands and feet thoroughly . You will need to remove as much dead skin as possible with a foot scrub and body brush. Push back your cuticles, clip off any excess, clip your nails, file, buff, and apply one of body mud products of you choice to them. Let the mud dry, then rinse, pat dry, apply foot and hand butter and slip on some fluffy socks and slippers. For your hands, put on gloves.

You can repeat this procedure a day before the school starts. This will ensure your feet and hand look and feel the best. This is also when you need to do put on some nail polish. First, paint them a clear base coat. Then, apply your favorite nail polish, or a color that matches the outfit you plan to wear. You could even use the school colors. Remember to paint your toenails as well as your fingernails. Then, you could add a cute design such as glitter, flowers, gems, shatter or stripes if you want. Apply a top coat and let it dry. Finally, apply olive oil to your fingernails and you are done!   

Third, take care of your skin. This means not your face only. As it will be still hot in Oklahoma until your first quarter is almost over, you will be wearing t-shirts, shorts and tank-tops. Therefore, do try to get some even tan that looks the same all over and is not spotty or uneven. Definitely, try not to get a sunburn.

Whatever you do - facial is a must. For obvious reasons it is much better to get a facial by a professional esthetician at a day spa. If you want professional results… But, you can give a facial to yourself also. You will need to follow these simple steps: 1) wash your face; 2) exfoliate; 3) steam; 4) extract visible pimples; 5) apply the facial mask and tea bags and rest; 6) remove the mask and tea bags; 7) wash your face with an acne cleanser and exfoliate with a sugar scrub; 8) steam your face by filling the sink with boiling water and covering it with a towel for 5 minutes; 9) extract the rest of your pimples by applying a thin layer to a whitehead, pressing down for 10 seconds with moderate pressure, and removing; 10) wipe away any pus; 11) apply a facial mask made of honey and a banana, oranges and yogurt, lemon juice, honey, and sour cream, or anything that you believe would do a good job at moisturizing your face, removing blemishes, and perfecting your skin; 12) put tea bags, preferably caffeinated to your eyes and keep the mask on for 10 minutes. Finally, wash your face and dry it with a soft towel.

We also recommend a full body mask, that normally includes exfoliation as the first step. Again, days spas are normally equipped with professional equipment to perform this procedure easily and with great enjoyment to the client. However, you can do it at home, if somebody can help you scrub some of the hard-to-reach areas of you body.