Tulsa Bikini Wax at Spa Lux

Thinking about Waxing?

Finally, the Bikini wax has gained huge popularity around the World. More and more women of all ages are going hair-free, or almost hair-free. Shaving yourself is not something anybody wants to do for obvious reasons. Laser hair removal are also too invasive for many. So, most of us prefer the best way to remove body hair - waxing! And like anything else, not all estheticians are good at providing a great Bikini wax. Many can wax an eyebrow. But many shouldn’t be in business waxing my business. SPA LUX has provided Bikini waxing for over 5 years and we can can tell you from our experience with different estheticians that if you visit someone who is not good with Bikini waxing, you will painfully regret it.

Some people prefer the Brazilian

Brazilian bikini wax originated around beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro. It was in Brazil where the so-called “thong” bathing suit first came about. It required a special waxing to make it wearable. In today’s Brazil, swimsuits are still very small and hair removal is a way of life. But, Brazilian waxing is gaining popularity in America not only because of bathing suits. Brazilian waxing has become popular in the U.S. because it provides simply the best way to feel and look cleaner when you are even at home.  

SPA LUX uses only the Cirepil wax from France. It is considered to be the best wax for this kind of hair removal. Cirepil hard wax is much easier on the skin than stripes with sticky waxes, and results in significantly less pain.  With our professionally trained estheticians it takes only about an hour to finish a complete Brazilian.

Any problems with Bikini wax?

One of the most common problems that can occur with hair removal is ingrown hairs. In order to prevent ingrown hairs we recommend exfoliating the area often and refraining from using lotions on the area. There are different topical solutions that we will recommend for aftercare when you do a Bikini wax at our spa.

Because we use the best hard wax there is, other side effects are minimal. Our wax doesn’t irritate the skin contrary to waxing with cloth strips.

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