Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

It is a time for family, friendship and giving. And at times giving may be difficult because very often we don’t know what a person really wants or appreciates. We may stand in line to buy something at a retail store and then the recipient of the gift may have to stand in line to return or exchange the gift. And, how many gifts end up being re-gifted?

There are some important reasons for choosing to buy a spa gift certificate.

Reason #1: It is easy to buy. You can do it from the convenience of your home by simply calling us or doing it on-line yourself.

Reason #2: The choices are unlimited. You can choose from an extensive menu of services. Or, better yet, buy a cash value certificate and let the recipient choose the service they really want.

Reason #3: A spa gift certificate is a very personal gift that shows both your sophistication and that you really care about somebody.

Reason #4: The flexibility of usage. The recipient can choose when and how to redeem the certificate in order to really enjoy the luxury of day spa treatments at the best possible time.