SPA LUX professional esthetics team is always crazy about natural organic products that are great for your skin. One of the seasonal fruits that we chose this year is Cranberries. It is not only for a high concentration of antioxidants that Cranberries have. We like Cranberries for the phytonutrients, plus anti-yeast and anti-fungal properties that have been proven to work really well.

In simple terms, Cranberries help detoxify the skin and are particularly useful for those who are acne-prone or suffer from psoriasis or have oily skin. The organic chemicals found in Cranberries help reduce skin inflammation, redness, and itchy, irritated skin.

A lot of pharmaceutical companies today use Cranberry oil in their anti-aging products because it helps fight against free radicals, the cause of premature aging such as wrinkling of the skin. However, we believe that fresh Cranberries work even better when used in a facial treatment. This way (with no preservatives) fresh enzymes and vitamins work great as a moisturizer and aid in moisture retention, improving skin elasticity and suppleness. They also visibly help to smooth any skin type, and brighten the complexion.

Cranberry body scrub is one of the best, because of the anti-bacterial properties found in Cranberries. Your skin will be so smooth and free of bacteria!

Think about getting a facial or a body scrub as a preparation for the Holidays!