Escape the heat at our Tulsa day spa

Escape the heat…

Summers in Oklahoma are hot. Nobody will probably argue with this truth. When the outside temperatures rise to about 100 degrees, and excessive heat warnings are issued, it becomes rather unpleasant to spend time outside. Sitting inside also limits your activities to just a few mundane things that get boring quickly. Going to the movies, museums or shopping can also be fun for just a few hours. But, you cannot do those things every day over and over again.

Fortunately, there are day spas in Oklahoma. There are not too many of them. True day spas are not hair or nail salons, and their environment is calm and quiet. Real day spas are the perfect escapes from the summer heat. When you step into the cool and relaxing environment, you can feel that you are in a different place…. Maybe even a different part of the world. For example, at SPA LUX you can enjoy chase lounges in the semi-dark relaxation lounge and a cool foot bath prior to any of the treatments. And, the treatments will make you completely forget about the summer heat. A facial will purify and hydrate your skin eliminating the effects of harmful sun exposure. A massage will soothe your muscles and make you feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed. And, if you opt for a package, you will enjoy one treatment after another for a few hours. It’s like a small vacation at a resort without the cost of traveling.

Please check our July specials and call to book your appointment at any time you feel like you need a mini vacation.   

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