February 6th Wine Event at Spa Lux

Spa Lux will be hosting a very special event February 6, 2010.  The Tulsa Wine Club and Tulsa Food Blog have come together with one of the greatest destination spas in Oklahoma to host an evening of  elaborate wine tasting and chocolate tastings in one of the best atmospheres in town.  This is a great opportunity to network with individuals around Tulsa, enjoy homemade desserts and sample spectacular wines.  


The event is from 8-11 p.m.  Spots are limited, so sight up A.S.A.P.

Each guest is to bring a chocolate dessert to share and his/her personal wine glass.  The wine is selected by Mark Stenner: Founder of Tulsa Wine Club. A special presentation on the benefits of chocolate will be given by a nutritionist and regular wine club attender.

Spa Lux is located at 91st and Memorial, between BounceU and Il Bacio. If there are any questions email Mark at [email protected]

NOTE FOR FIRST-TIMERS: We have quite a few newcomers and friends coming on Saturday. I hope you really enjoy yourselves and want to come again. We’re a friendly crowd. Don’t forget your food dish and your glass.  Dress is casual, I would say dressy jeans probably typifies things, we’re very laid-back and fun. It is not necessary to wear strong perfumes/colognes as it can interfere with yours and other’s tasting experience.  Some of us do take notes, but most don’t so don’t worry about that part of the event. Just come and enjoy some great wine and some greater company!