Keeping Your Skin Protected

Winter Tips from SPA LUX:

During the cold months it is easy to notice how quickly our skin dries up, isn’t it? When the skin gets dry we can’t feel comfortable anymore. It is because your skin is one of the most important organs in your body. Facial skin is especially sensitive and vulnerable during the winter months. It is always exposed to the changing temperatures and suffers from the lower humidity in the air. What can you do to protect it?

Here at SPA LUX we certainly have a number of treatments that can condition and protect your skin. However, who can afford a facial every week? There is something to be done in between your facials and it doesn’t require much time. SPA LUX offers a number of supplifying moisturizers by Sundari, which can be used daily and cost only a fraction of what you can expect to spend on a facial.

Some of the best means of nature have been concentrated in the all organic products produced by Sundari. During these winter months you can use the Gotu Kola and Azulene Moisturizer. Gotu Kola, an ancient plant with remarkable healing qualities is combined with an unprecedented level of active peptides, which result in a firming moisturizing (and visible!) results. it leaves a matte finish with a rich yet lightweight texture easily absorbed by dry skin. Or, try a combination of superior natural botanicals and moisture-regulation technology that provides targeted moisture for drier areas and sebum absorption for oilier areas. This product is called Neem and Avocado Balancing Moisturizer. Alternatively, use the Lavender Moisturizer, which is an emollient Lavender extract, combined with protein rich Soybean Oil. It effectively restores the skin’s moisture balance.

Most importantly, remember that your skin needs to be treated at all times during the cold months. Don’t leave it without protection. If you are in doubt, come for a free skin analysis, and we will be happy to provide you with a professional advice!