On Memorial Day




On Memorial Day we remember those who have fallen in battle for our country. This is what we can do, because anything else would not be as appropriate as this. Many soldiers, Marines and airmen gave their lives so we can have what we have today. They made an ultimate sacrifice, not because they wanted to die, but because they wanted others to live in peace and freedom. By remembering them, and praying for them, we can show our gratitude, and thank them for that sacrifice. We believe that it is also a good day for us to think about us and others around us - our nation. As Rebecca Hagelin of the Washington Times asked: “Are we taking our freedom for granted? Are we still “the land of the free and the home of the brave?” Would those who gave their lives in generations past be proud or dismayed? Where is tyranny or oppression sneaking in and how can we eradicate it? What are the weaknesses and threats, and how can we turn them into strengths?” SPA LUX is a place that many of Tulsa residents love as a place for relaxation and improvement for their health. Nevertheless, besides a physical health we believe that our nation deserves to be healthy spiritually. In many ways, the Memorial Day is the day that brings a spiritual benefit to our country. And, we encourage all who read this blog to have a spiritually healthy Memorial Day!