Middle of the Summer Spa Ideas

Summer is a special time of the year …

… especially if we go on a long vacation. But, what if we don’t?! What if all vacation days have been used to go skiing in the winter or elsewhere?

No worries! SPA LUX can help to relax during long and hot summer days even here. No need to go far away. As a matter of fact some people think of SPA LUX is an oasis in the middle of Oklahoma, and we (the staff) also really like this comparison. Many of us have not been to a real desert with endless sands and no water to be found for miles. However, most of us have experienced endless summer days when temperatures reach over 100 degrees, and there is not much to do outside. During days like this it is like finding an oasis when you come to SPA LUX. Upon entering you submerge into a cool calmness. Soothing music will put you in a good mood. And, a relaxing massage will take all stress and tension away. Ice cold mint water will soothe your thirst. A revitalizing facial will refresh your skin and clear up your mind. Don’t wait for a vacation, when you can relax in a little oasis right here in Oklahoma!

Spalux Day Spa

8922 South Memorial Drive, Suite “B”

Tulsa, OK 74133

(918) 615-3339