Needing a Little Face Time?

When’s the last time you had a soothing, tranquility- filled Facial at SpAhhhh Lux?

It’s not just puff and glamour for those with unlimited Mulah, you know. Facials are an essential part of your stress reducing lifestyle that’s ultra fantabulous for your skin, leaving it supple and looking absolutely dazzling…

Not only are they incredibly relaxing, but facial massage and treatments help to increase microcirculation to bring new nutrients to your skin’s cells.
A facial will give you a deep cleansing and exfoliation that will unclog your pores and help rid your skin of problem acne.  They’re also a great preventative treatment to help you stop wrinkles in their tracks before they happen and help you feel younger in the process.

With so many different facial treatments you can choose from—just ask us and we can suggest one that best fits your needs. Rest assured, Spa Lux’s professional skin care treatments will play an essential role in your skin’s health and vitality while helping you look and feel your absolute best.

Each treatment begins with a personal consultation and thorough skin analysis to ensure maximum results just for you. We’ll even help you with a problem solving prescription and homecare advice so you can continue a routine at home that will be effective and healthy for your skin.

Don’t you think it’s time for a luxuriant, relaxing facial, to help leave you with a clear complexion and feelings of skin-tingling vitality? 
Remember, better skin means a better you.

Come by Spa Lux today and let us give you the face time you’ve been wanting…AND deserve.

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