Pregnancy Massage during and after the pregnancy

At SPA LUX we care about new Mothers and Mothers to be. That’s why we want every prospective Mom to receive permission from the doctor before we can provide any Therapeutic Massage Treatments.

Let’s talk about the special time in every woman’s life - bearing a child. Is it good to go to the spa during that time? While you can always ask your doctor about specific benefits of going to the spa, we would like to provide you with some ideas recommended by medical professionals all over the world.

Massage during second and third trimesters of pregnancy provides women with major relief and relaxation, which is so important in order to alleviate unnecessary physical and psychological stress and discomfort in muscle and joints, and improve circulation and the childbirth process. Massage techniques during the second and third trimesters are significantly different. And, only a professional therapist can perform these techniques in order to achieve desired results without endangering the mother and child. Therapists at SPA LUX have special training and extensive practice to perform prenatal massage in a professional setting.

But, what about the esthetics? We, at SPA LUX, have developed packages suitable not only for the mothers-to-be, but also for new mothers who have just delivered a baby and are in need of bodily recuperation. While cosmetic procedures with aggressive action should be avoided, such as glycolic peels and acids. There is a whole spectrum of facial and body treatments that can significantly help with skin condition during and immediately after pregnancy.

SPA LUX therapists use only safe cosmetics for pregnant women. Besides that certain products are even useful for the fetus of a future mother. During pregnancy a mother looses certain substances, which subsequently leads to the deterioration of nails, teeth and hair, and the lack of these micronutrients leads to bones fragility. Some vitamins can help, but they work much better when combined with skin treatments performed by professional estheticians.

Please check our new packages:

* Mother-to-be Package

* New Mother Package (Post Partum/After Delivery)

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