Pregnancy Massage And What You Should Know

Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life

At SPA LUX we care about new Mothers and Mothers to be. That’s why we want every prospective Mom to receive permission from the doctor before we can provide any Therapeutic Massage Treatments.

First Trimester – As during the first-trimester general body massage may cause a miscarriage, we do not offer any massages from our extensive menu. The first 3 months of pregnancy the woman’s body must adjust to tremendous hormonal changes. A general back and shoulder massage can help balance the mother’s physiological responses.  Surface stroking can be pleasurable to the new mother and help provide relaxation.  A deeper massage is never recommended also due to morning sickness and nausea.  Work on the abdomen is entirely avoided as it could disrupt the attachment of the baby to the uterine wall.  

Second Trimester - There is a leveling of the hormones and the woman begins to feel better.  She should also be showing and feeling the effects of the pregnancy. Depending on the mother’s mood swings, massage should be light and gentle. The massage will be administered gently to the joints as this is the stage where joints become loose. Overstretching should be avoided and support should be given for the abdomen, between the knees and under the top arm to allow not only comfort, but to relieve stress. Massage should be done in modified supine and side-lying positions. The mother’s upper body is elevated 30 degrees because the pressure from the growing fetus is on the abdominal blood vessels. If the mother has swollen ankles, her knees and feet can be elevated using a bolster and pillows.

Third Trimester - The weight of the growing baby, the postural shifts, and the movement of the internal organs begins to cause discomfort to the mother.  Because of the organs being pushed up, the diaphragm begins to experience problems.  The neck and shoulder muscles work harder, and hyperventilation may develop. Massage therapy offers temporary relief to these symptoms.  There is also pressure on the bladder, and impingement on the lymph vessels my cause the feet to swell. Low backaches become a problem and breast become tender. All of this causes sleep to be allusive. A gentle massage helps with all this providing comfort and assisting in circulation. Overstretching will be avoided and support will be given for the abdomen, knees and under the top arm to allow comfort and relieve stress. 

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