Sorry Folks, Spa Lux is an Excuse Free Zone

Feeling way too busy to drop out of sight for moment or two? Thinking the world will end if you take a little time for yourself to indulge and seek solitude? Sorry, those are not the type of excuses we accept around here…

We believe it’s essential you come see us at Spa Lux and arrange a little “me time” to help find the tranquility you’ve been missing in your life.

We’re waiting to treat you like royalty … and know just how to make your visit truly spectacular. There’s no other day spa in Tulsa that has the superior level of services we have to make you feel completely and absolutely incredible.

Remember, you’re not only doing something good for yourself…you’re doing something good for your loved ones in the process…  Less stress equals a happier YOU!!

Treat yourself today to Spa Lux …and embrace serenity with total abandonment of your cares and worries.  No excuses, just pure bliss.

We promise you’ll love how you feel.

Spa Lux Day Spa
8922 South Memorial Drive, Suite “B”
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133
Phone: 918-615-3339