Spa lux Day Spa Can Help With Dry Skin this Winter

Dry skin is a very common ailment, especially during winters. In medical terms, dry skin is referred to as “xerosis”. A person’s skin requires moisture and tends to become dry when enough moisture is not available when the oil glands cannot produce enough oil as required by the body. This can happen due to cold winter weather, heating in the house, bathing with too hot or too cold water, or rough towel drying.

Dry skin causes many problems. Cracks, itching, premature wrinkles, dry and unhealthy look and marks of scratches are few of them. If you have no diseases that are making your skin dry, you need to address the reasons that make your skin dry and adopt habits to correct the dryness.

Spa lux Day Spa Can Help With Your Dry Skin this Winter

We have many Day Spa services that can help you with Dry Skin that may occur in the winter.

We invite you to select a Spa Package of your choice. By selecting one of the following packages, you can experience our services at a discounted rate. Each package is designed to flow seamlessly providing the best experience at the spa. As a rule, each package treatment begins with a complimentary foot bath. Each client will enjoy a few minutes of calm relaxation in our relaxation lounge between the services. We recommend the use of steam rooms and saunas after all your services are completed. However, if an individual scheduling permits we welcome usage of steam rooms and saunas between the services. Longer packages include lunch or a light snack. We will consult with you about your choices during the check-in process.

Please remember all services within a Spa Package are usable at one time. Balances left due to unused services will be returned to you at the discounted rate in dollar value only.

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