Summer Spa Recommendations

Due to the weather changing, a few things in your daily regimen should change too. During the warmer months our bodies need heavier products due to lack of moisture, but less can be more during the summer. Here are a few recommendations for your spa routine this summer.


  • Use lighter weight products on your face and remember to put sunblock over your moisturizer. (85% of aging is due to sun damage!)

  • Stay away from chemical peels that sensitize your skin to the sun.

  • It’s a good time for body polishes and scrubs to make your skin smooth and silky as clothing gets skimpier.

  • If you do get too much sun, cooling and hydrating wraps can help soothe a sunburn.

  • Pedicures keep your feet looking great in sandals, and massages can use cooling, soothing ingredients like aloe or refreshing plants and flowers grown in the warmer months.

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