Sustainable Spas in Tulsa

Are we sustainable?

Is “sustainability” just a trendy word? We hear it more often these days. More and more businesses are incorporating this word into their business description. But, what makes such businesses any different? The answers are clear: from saving money, reducing business risk, increasing profitability and accessing an increasing market of customers who have an interest in authentic experiences. Such businesses are creating a new culture that benefits them and communities where they operate.

Sustainability has been a very important principle for SPA LUX since inception. And, we can be proud of retaining our principles from using an entirely organic line of products, to providing all natural client care in the most efficient way. Nevertheless, our management team is in constant search of those little steps in our business that help us realize the wide range of benefits that sustainable operation can bring. 

Rather than just using organic products, it is an ethos that underpins all spa activities. As such, it is integral to all aspects of spa services and management rather than being an add-on component.

The objective of being sustainable is to remain profitable while providing the highest levels of personal care to our clientele and reducing or mitigating any undesirable impacts on health and environment at the same time.

We believe that to be sustainable, our spa must comply with the following four key principles.

Client Satisfaction
(Visitors must be satisfied with the entire experience of visiting the spa)

Spa Profitability
(Spa profitability must allow for reinvestment and constant improvement)

Community Acceptance
(We consider ourselves an integral part of the local community, its present character and future aspirations)

Being Natural
(Everything we do must be good for the health of our clients and the environment)

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