Tulsa Staycation: It Is The Latest Trend

The definition of a staycation is staying at home during your vacation instead of traveling to a pleasure destination.

This can be caused by high gas prices, or just a shortage of money. If money is tight, and you are thinking that your family vacation might not happen this summer, think again. With rising gas prices and tight budgets, many families are opting for staying around their home base instead of traveling thousands of miles to vacation.

There is so much to offer in one’s own backyard that is usually never considered due to traveling to another destination. Go to farmer’s markets, visit local museums, dine-out at a locally owned restaurant and visit a day spa. Day spas can resemble the feeling of a vacation/getaway without leaving your hometown. Spend all day being pampered, or just a few hours enjoying a massage and facial. You will feel like a million dollars without spending it!

How to Have a Great Staycation:

Schedule start and end dates. Just as you would with a vacation, schedule a beginning and ending for your staycation to make it feel like an official vacation. Otherwise, it runs the risk of feeling like just another string of nights in front of the tube.

Pack that time with activities. Plan a daily activity, and make sure something takes you out of the house for fun everyday.

Declare a “choratorium.” That means no chores! Don’t make the bed, vacuum, clean out the closets or pull weeds. You’re on vacation!

Take staycation photos or videos, just as you would if you went away from home for your vacation.

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