This V-Day, It’s All about You and ME...Honey

Ok, it’s your moment of truth. The point where you score big time on the LUV-o-meter or you crash and burn by wimping out on V-Day romance.

One thing is certain, you don’t want to become a casualty when it comes to matters of the heart…

Take some humble advice, indulge with your loved one this Valentine’s and experience pure bliss from a luxury spa that even cupid would approve of.

Here at SPA LUX, our passion is completely immersing you in the romantic luxury you and your partner deserve. We’re talking love inspired extravagance here… a time in your relationship that’s crucial for your connection and deserving of the best in luxury spa indulgence.

Just close your eyes and imagine it…

There you are… enjoying a relaxing hot foot bath in our exclusive tranquility lounge, gentle music in the background and a peaceful waterfall nearby to gently caress your cares away.

You’ll experience peace of mind when next you enjoy a side by side romantic hour massage that will have you and your partner more soothed and relaxed than you ever thought possible…can you picture it now?

Follow that up with a couple’s facial and you’ll know first- hand what paradise must be like.  There’s no doubt, you and your loved one will absolutely love the way you feel and the pleasure you experience with the ultimate in skin-tingling repose. 
Remember, this is Valentine’s, and it’s all about drawing close to your loved one and experiencing the peace of mind that comes with TOTAL body relaxation.  Call us today and book your V-Day Romantic Getaway Special for you and your significant other. You’ll be sooooo glad you did.

We promise it will be the experience of a lifetime…full of Memories…Quiet Solitude…Romance…AND absolutely no regrets.