We are Hearing Great Things - Thank You!

Below are a few comments and reviews from our wonderful clients at Spa Lux. Please feel free to leave a review of your own below!

Love This Spa -Ckono “I would recommend this spa to anyone. I purchased several gift certificates for relatives and friends for Christmas. Everyone that received a gift certificate to the spa enjoyed the relaxation. Very nice spa and very nice people!!! Would highly recommend!!!”

Best Spa in Tulsa -Kidiamonds “This is a very comfortable and relaxing Spa. A spa like you would find at a resort. Very friendly and courteous staff. Would highly recommend anytime. Located at 91st and Memorial. Would make a great gift for any friend. Go visit and I promise you won’ regret.”

This is my kind of Place -Jen “Since I can get SpaFinder’s cards by redeeming points on my credit card I will be getting another gift card soon. It means there will be another visit to Spa Lux, the best day spa I have found in Tulsa! I have gone there since 2008, and every time had a wonderful experience. I think a secret to a good experience at Spa Lux is to book an appointment during the week. I went on Saturday once and it was crowded. I had good service, but it was not as relaxing as during the week. I also love to use a steam room before my massage. I feel more comfortable when nobody else shares it with me. I have to say a few special words about my massage experience. I’ve had 1 hour Swedish massage there a few times before I realized I needed a 90-minutes massage. When you go to a 90 minute session it’s hard to go back to 60. But, they do offere a special discount if you buy 6 massages. You will get a free massage after that. I also absolutely love the therapists I’ve had there. They treat you so well from the time you sit down in the relaxation lounge for the foot bath to the time they leave the room. The only disappointment I had was that I couldn’t use my SpaFinder cards to pay for the seasonal specials they had. They said that SpaFinder cards were already discounted. I don’t understand the details, but I don’t complain because I don’t actually pay cash for my cards. I am very glad I discovered Spa Lux almost as soon as they opened. I honestly don’t think there is any other place in Tulsa to go to after you visit them.”

Best Facial Ever!! -Christine “I try to make an appointment at SPA Lux every other month for some me time. In the beginning I was trying something different each time a massage, body treatment but then I went in for a 90 minute customized facial with Morgan…wow it was the most amazing experience ever! Since then I have been back three other times for the same facial with Morgan, she is fabulous! I always get so many compliments on my skin and the staff at SPA Lux is so knowledgeable. Can’t wait to go back again I’m hooked on that customized facial!”

I was sore-left as a new man! -Michael  “I was sore from a project and needed some kinks worked out of my back and shoulders-I left a new man! I highly recommend this Spa-get there early and enjoy the steam room!”