Tulsa Wellness Retreat

The New Urban-Close Wellness Retreat

The fresh research of the day spa industry trends for 2014 provided by the leading DAY SPA Magazine suggests that “a distinct sub-trend is emerging: more urban-near wellness-immersive retreats. If “destination” spas (the word is a hint) have long been associated with remote desert hideaways or desert islands reached by seaplane – now more will be reachable by train! This is one smart, inevitable development for diverse reasons. For one, the other most powerful global demographic trend beyond the chronic disease explosion is the unprecedented urbanization of the world’s population. Two: people are increasingly vacation-time-deprived and are therefore opting for shorter vacations closer to home. This wider trend has been dubbed “Near-Away” travel, where people are choosing getaways even closer to home than with the recession-era “staycation” model, and bypassing stressful air travel altogether. We will increasingly see both magnificent, major destination spas and smaller wellness retreats appear 20-40-60 miles out from major cities like Beijing and New York. So, while the allure of detoxing for two-weeks in the Maldives isn’t going anywhere, these new urban-close wellness retreats will represent a powerful, needed, new model for our world and time. Wellness transformations need to be where the people are, and this new breed of properties will make them, and the ongoing tune-ups needed to make them stick, far more accessible, too far more people, far more often.”

SPA LUX is a modern retreat for men and women. SPA LUX will take you into the world of relaxation and calmness through superior massage, aroma and hydro-therapies, and offer you the best in beauty treatments fused with technologies to indulge and revive your body and soul.

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