Health Benefits of Massage Therapy on a Regular Basis

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Here at SPA LUX, we create a tranquil oasis to ensure your visit to our spa is relaxing and peaceful. We know that the most demanded services are the massage treatments. Amongst many benefits massage therapy relieves stress, reduces anxiety, and helps you sleep better. Please read about some of the health benefits of massage therapy and reasons why you should schedule your next appointment at SPA LUX.

Sleep Better

Research has shown that more than a third of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. Massage therapy can decrease depression and anxiety levels, helping you sleep soundly and peacefully. A massage can also alleviate pain, which often causes sleep disturbances at night.

A pattern of sleep deficiency can lead to many dreaded health conditions. Amongst them obesity, diabetes, and an increased risk of high blood pressure. However, you can prevent them with frequent use of massage. And, you can do it in a wonderful facility of SPA LUX.

Relieve Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can be a damper to anyone’s day. Stress triggers these awful headaches, and they can be hard to get rid of - medicine might only give you a temporary symptom relief. Massage therapy can treat the source of your headache by targeting muscles in your neck, face, head, and shoulders.

Take relaxation to the next level and add-on a Revitalizing Scalp Treatment to your massage service. This service uses Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils in a gentle, rhythmic massage to the scalp and neck to improve circulation. Learn more about this treatment here.

Eliminate Stress

Everyday worries create unwanted stress, and stress can be very hard on the body. As they say: “All sickness is caused by bad nerves”. Stress can negatively affect your cardio-vascular health and cause your blood pressure to rise. Over time, a build-up of constant stress can lead to chronic illness, or make your symptoms worse.

Thankfully, you can successfully combat stress with the Swedish Massage. Although it feels extremely relaxing, this massage gently stimulates the whole organism, which enables the body to feel rebalanced. A Swedish Massage is designed for relaxation, so therapists utilize light to medium pressure. Discover more about this service on our website now.

Take Time to take care of Yourself

Feel refreshed and renewed with one of our of massage treatments at SPA LUX. Take a chance to pamper yourself and schedule one of our popular packages at the spa. The Total Body Package includes a 55-minute Body Mask, an 85-minute Swedish Massage, and a 55-minute Signature Facial. Enjoy the steam room or sauna to help improve blood circulation, find relief from muscle tension, clear your lungs and sinuses and improve your skin condition.

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