Revitalizing Scalp Treatment

The scalp treatment is one of the most stress relieving treatments that can be added to any massage or performed as a single treatment. Scalp treatments enhance circulation, reduce tension, nourish hair roots and leave hair healthy, soft, and glossy.

It is not just rubbing the muscles, or gently pulling on the hair and skin that produces results. It always includes: knowing those little muscles attached to the skull, neck and shoulders, bones that are connected by various connecting tissues and nerves that pass through various cavities, joints and tissues. The therapist will apply or relieve correct amount of pressure to stimulate certain areas and gently stretch or bend head and neck to achieve the ultimate result that is so enjoyable.

In this revitalizing treatment, the healing properties of Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils are used in a gentle rhythmic massage to the scalp and neck.

Revitalizing Scalp Treatment

30 minutes, $75

($70 as an add-on)

Customer Reviews

  • Rivka S. - Verified customer

    The staff is very professional and the Revitalizing Scalp Treatment was awesome!

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