Sports Massage

Do you lift weights or preparing to run a marathon? Sore from a day at the gym? Lactic acid build up is causing you pain? We got the solution for you! Try our Sports Massage today at SPA LUX. Sports massage therapy was created to help alleviate the stress, tension, and release of lactic acid, which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. This massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. Sports massage is best used in two stages: pre-event and post-event.

The pre-event utilizes compression, jostling, light stretching, and rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow and invigorate muscles.

During the post-event stage, we use Swedish strokes and stretching to quiet and calm muscles, while assisting with the flushing of lactic acid and wastes from tired muscles.

Ready to recover and unwind from an athletic event and book your sports massage at SPA LUX?

Call us at 918-615-3339 or request an appointment online at

SPA LUX is open from 10 am until 8 pm Monday through Saturday and located at 8922 S Memorial Drive, Suite B, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133.

SPA LUX is a modern retreat welcoming both men and women. It is the only destination spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma. SPA LUX is one of the Top 25 American Hot Spots by Travel Leisure Magazine.

Additional Sports Massage Info

Sports Massage
55 minutes, $125
85 minutes, $165

Customer Reviews

  • Anonymous - Verified customer

    I’m an athlete and the sports massage at SPA LUX really helps ease my muscles after training. The massage therapists are always able to work out any tightness in my body after a game, so I don’t have to worry about being sore for the next one.

  • Liam A. - Verified customer

    The sports massage really works out the knots I get in my body after a long work out. I always feel better after getting one at SPA LUX.

  • Brittany C - Verified customer

    Amazing service, peaceful and professional! I would definitely request JJ again when I return! The whole experience is absolutely amazing between the music, the steam room, the sauna, the changing room and peaceful waiting area and the kind staff. 10/10 experience all around.

  • Claudia - Verified customer

    I get a massage at least twice a month and have been doing so for many years, this was my first time here and hands down has been the best massage ! I’ve been everywhere all over Tulsa and this place was very clean and quiet, the rooms are very private and intimate-we came in for a couples massage and our experience from the time we were greeted at the front counter to the end of our massage was incredible.

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