Head Massage

Why Does A Head Massage Feel So Good?

Have you ever wondered: why head massage feels so incredibly good? The answer to this question is not as simple. As a matter of fact, there is no one short “scientific” explanation to this question.

One aspect of head massage is in its uniqueness. Our head has a tremendous amount of small muscles, bones and nerve endings that are affected by a professional head massage in a way that produces a very special and sometimes euphoric experience. Head massage can relieve stress and tension, change your mood, eliminate a headache or migraine, and even put you in a different state of consciousness. But, it is entirely different than any other message you do for your body.

It is not just rubbing the muscles, or gently pulling on the hair and skin that produces results. It always includes: knowing those little muscles attached to the skull, neck and shoulders, bones that are connected by various connecting tissues and nerves that pass through various cavities, joints, and tissues. It is applying or relieving the correct amount of pressure. It is stimulating certain areas and gently stretching or bending head and neck to achieve the ultimate result that is so enjoyable.

At SPA LUX we call it the Revitalizing Scalp Treatment. It is one of the best add-on services to any message. Why not experience it and see why it feels so extraordinarily good?