Keep Valentine’s from Becoming a Yawn Fest

We all know how Valentine’s Day is the ultimate time for romance… Sparks of love can flutter and fly if we plan a magical night just right and put some effort into making it special.  
For most of us, however, it can be a tricky thing coming up with a creative way to spend the day and keep the romance alive.
I mean who hasn’t planned something we thought was romantic on V-day only to have it fizzle into a Yawn Fest in the end. We’ve all been there, done that.


The problem is NOT thinking creatively enough, which is why we need to brainstorm a little and add some spice to our love repertoire, especially for Valentine’s Day.  Here are some fresh ideas I found that could possibly help:

    •    Fill up a room with balloons, each containing candy and love notes. This will have a great effect on romantics, especially of the female persuasion, who love balloons, candy, and meaningful expressions of amore.
    •    Make love coupons good for cuddling by the fire, a dance in the rain, champagne in the hot tub, etc.
    •    Kidnap your significant other for a romantic evening out on the town. You could pick them up in a limo with their favorite music playing inside or their favorite flowers, whatever works.
    •    Funny love notes. Hide notes around the house that have puns describing your feelings. I tried this and it’s great. One of my notes I left on a toaster said, “Without you, I’m toast,” and another one taped to a hanger said, “I’ll hang around forever for your love. I know corney, but hey, it works.  The last one can be an invitation to go to their favorite restaurant.
    •    Get a side by side couple’s massage here at Spa Lux. A little candle light, soft music, soft lights…and caressing massage… I promise, it will be a night to remember. 

Got any other ideas?  Comment here and tell me what you think would be romantic.

The great thing about love is the many ways it can be expressed…and how it can fill us with such joy and happiness. 
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day…and remember to spend it with someone you love.

 “Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.”
-Alexander Smith