Save Your Pumpkin Scraps for a Do-It-Yourself Home Facial

Instead of letting those prized pumpkins go to waste, use it in a decadent and truly beneficial recipe.

Pumpkin offers over 100 beneficial ingredients for the skin, including retinol (Vitamin A), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), beta-carotene, a natural form of salicylic acid, and high in antioxidants so it works as a deep moisturizer for dry skin—something a lot of us are starting to feel more and more as the weather cools down.

DIY Pumpkin Facial

2 tsp pumpkin puree (see below for instructions, or substitute with canned pumpkin)

½ tsp honey

½ tsp milk

¼ tsp cinnamon spice (Note: while this can be nice astringent for some, it can also create a mild allergic reaction in others. To be safe, conduct a skin patch test – if it burns, leave the cinnamon out of this recipe.)

-  For the puree: Cut pumpkin, and reserve just the flesh, seeds, stringy matter and skin discarded. Steam pumpkin for about 15 minutes, or until a fork goes in smoothly. Puree in a food processor or blender until smooth, but not watery.

- Mix the ingredients into a paste and apply to a freshly cleansed face. Let dry for about 15-20 minutes and rinse off with water.

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