• Bec M. - Verified customer

    The Duo-Lux Couple’s Package is the most relaxing date you and your partner could do together. My new fiance and I wanted to celebrate our new engagement by treating ourselves to a couples massage and side-by-side facial. It was such a romantic day getting to experience each of our treatments together.

  • Devon C. - Verified customer

    SPA LUX was super clean and the staff was really kind. I loved that the sauna and steam room were complimentary with my treatment. I received a great massage and my mom got her first facial. Her skin was cleaned and exfoliated. She also received hot towels and a mask. It was so wonderful and we’re grateful for the experience!


  • April B. - Verified customer

    SPA LUX has the most relaxing atmosphere before you even step into the room for your massage. My boyfriend and I have been twice now for side-by-side massages. I love everything about this place and look forward to booking different services in the future.

  • Sarah K. - Verified customer

    SPA LUX is my favorite spa in Tulsa. I love their facials, so I made an appointment for my partner and I to get a Side-by-Side Facial together. It was so romantic being able to relax in the same room together. It was a great early Valentine’s Day present!

  • Robin E. - Verified customer

    My husband keeps a pretty packed schedule. But he loves how comprehensive the Gentlemen’s Package at SPA LUX is. This year for Valentine’s Day, I got him a spa gift certificate! That way he can come get the intense massage and soothing facial on his time. I just know he’s going to love it!

  • Kate W. - Verified customer

    I went to SPA LUX with my adult special needs daughter and we had the best time! We got facials, massages, and eyebrow waxing. Everyone was so professional and accommodating to me and my daughter. It was the best day ever! All the rooms were clean, they provided water, and there was soft music. Everyone was so nice and made us feel completely comfortable. The services were well worth the money. Check out this great spa on Memorial and 81st in Tulsa.

  • Leisha S. - Verified customer

    SPA LUX is always so clean and relaxing. I’ve never had a bad experience in all the years I’ve been coming. I love the chance to sit in the sauna between treatments. The facials are my favorite!

  • Kara B. - Verified customer

    I loved that I could add a wax or a peel to my facial appointment, and that I didn’t need to come back a separate time. What a great option SPA LUX provides for customers who have busy schedules but want to get the most out of the spa!

  • Evelyn R - Verified customer

    I had a great experience in their very relaxing atmosphere. I received a deep tissue massage and mini facial, and spent time in the steam room. I highly recommend SPA LUX.

  • Emma P. - Verified customer

    I recently switched to waxing to get rid of any unwanted hair on my legs. SPA LUX staff was so kind and informative from the moment I stepped into the building for my appointment. They explained to me the whole process and answered my questions. I left my appointment with beautifully silky smooth legs. I’ll definitely be back -  and I might even try their other waxing treatments.

  • Shar S - Verified customer

    I got the Hot Stones Massage after hearing about SPA LUX from a friend. It was simply amazing. I enjoyed every second of it. The atmosphere is so calming and relaxing. You will not be disappointed.

  • Chelsea B. - Verified customer

    I booked a Back Purifier treatment—my first time experiencing this service. I was having issues with bumps on my back, between my shoulder blades, and no matter what I used at home, nothing was helping. This treatment was relaxing and well worth it! My husband even noticed a huge difference in my skin! I would definitely recommend it!

  • Carrie N - Verified customer

    I have terrible foot pain and my therapist really worked it out for me. The reflexology was exactly what I needed. SPA LUX was very nice, with soft robes and comfy slippers as well.

  • Alice G - Verified customer

    This is a great spa! There are amenities you can utilize while you’re waiting for your services, such as tea and fruit water, as well as a steam room and dry sauna. I left looking 10 years younger after a facial. My esthetician was very talented and knowledgeable. It is clear that SPA LUX is very well-run and managed.

  • Lindsay W. - Verified customer

    My husband and sister got me the SPA LUX Signature Package for my birthday and it was amazing! This was my first time to experience any of this and I enjoyed myself. The sugar scrub was relaxing and smelled wonderful. The massage was the best part! My massage therapist worked out every knot and kink in my body and then proceeded to work out the area of stress in my neck. The facial was exhilarating! I will definitely be going back!

  • Lauren L - Verified customer

    My husband surprised my best friend and I with massages and facials! It was the most relaxing experience. The Steam Rooms & Saunas were perfect to relax in before we left as well! We will definitely be back!

  • Amanda K - Verified customer

    I came in for a Brazilian Bikini Wax. Sunshine was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and she was very informative. I will definitely be back!

  • Abbie C - Verified customer

    I had a wonderful first experience at SPA LUX! I was greeted by friendly staff who made sure to make me feel welcomed as a new customer. To start off my day, I got an eyebrow wax. The individual who waxed my eyebrows took her time and made sure I was satisfied with the finished product. Next, I chose to do a Swedish Massage. The massage started out with a foot bath in their relaxation area in the spa. Here, you met your therapist and they outlined what kind of massage you were getting, as well as took the time to ask if there were any certain areas the therapist needed to work on more. The 55-minute massage was the best one I’ve gotten yet! The therapist stayed in communication with me by asking if the pressure was okay throughout the whole massage. The locker room was super clean and provided the customers the chance to utilize the steam room or sauna during their stay at the spa. I would definitely recommend the spa to anyone in the Tulsa area. If you are looking for a day of relaxation at a beautiful and peaceful spa, this is your place!

  • Karen G - Verified customer

    I had a great anti-aging facial. And all the folks I’ve met at the spa are so professional and courteous!